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Lead Jobs and Hobbies

The most common sources of lead poisoning in adults is lead-contaminated dust found in work environments. In July of 1786, Benjamin Franklin wrote to a friend (“The Famous Franklin Letter On Lead Poisoning”) of a Paris hospital, which was famous for the cure of a malady called the “dry-bellyache” or colica pictonum. He observed […]

Lead in Household Items

Some household items that contain lead-contaminated dust hazards include:

imported vinyl mini-blinds
imported and antique toys and furniture

Lead In Mini-Blinds

Many vinyl mini-blinds manufactured in Mexico and Asia, which are imported and sold in the United States, contain lead. The lead in mini-blinds is used in the plastic as a stabilizer for rigidity and for color retention. […]

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Lead Contaminated Soil

Lead-contaminated soil abounds in playgrounds, parks and backyards. Lead-contaminated soil poses a threat when children play in it and put their hands or other objects covered with this soil into their mouths. There also is a health hazard when people bring this soil into the house on their clothing or shoes and the dust […]

Evaluation Of The Cleanup Of Lead Paint Dust In Houses


Pinchin Project C5560
May 5, 1995  

Prepared for:Research Division
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
700 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P7 

 CMHC Project Manager:  Don Fugler 

Prepared by: Pinchin Environmental Consultants Ltd.
5749 Coopers Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1R9 

Principal Consultant:
Bruce Stewart, CIH, ROH 


    Table of Contents 

A. Disclaimer
B. Abstract
C. Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Project Objectives
1.3 Cleaning Methods

2.0 Testing Procedures
2.1 Schedule
2.2 Selection of Houses
2.3 Measurements of Lead in Paint
2.4 Test Room Preparation
2.5 Paint Disturbance
2.6 Cleaning Procedures
2.7 Surface Contamination Testing
2.8 Personal Airborne Exposure Measurements
3.0 Results
3.1 Lead Concentrations in […]

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Lead Based Paint

During the 19th century, U.S. paint manufacturers began to use “white lead” as a pigment for house paint because it could be tinted a variety of colors and was thought to be a protective coating. Although lead poisoning from paint was documented as a serious threat to children in the early 1900s, lead was […]