Can Ledizolv help with lead contaminated soil?

Lead-contaminated soil abounds in playgrounds, parks and backyards. Lead-contaminated soil poses a threat when children play in it and put their hands or other objects covered with this soil into their mouths. There also is a health hazard when people bring this soil into the house on their clothing or shoes and the dust from that soil settles on the floors and other surfaces that people touch.

The greatest source of lead-contaminated soil is leaded gasoline. At one time the auto industry thought of leaded gasoline as a godsend, and it was burned in nearly every automobile. When this fuel burned, lead was released with the exhaust from the automobiles and settled on the ground. Although the federal government eliminated most use of leaded gas in the 1970s, approximately four to five million metric tons of lead once used in gasoline remains in U.S. soil.

Ledizolv cannot be used to remove lead from contaminated soil but can help with removing lead contaminated soil that has been tracked into a building or onto clothing.