Lead Based Paint Removal Resources

Best Practices

What can I use to remove lead paint?

If your home contains lead-based paint, you can remedy and/or reduce the risk of lead-contaminated dust hazards by: (1) removing the lead-based paint from the home; (2) covering the lead-based  … Read more

Why shouldn’t I use phosphate-based lead cleaners or cleaners with TSP?

All phosphates, including trisodium phosphate (TSP) are excessively damaging to the environment, particularly lakes and rivers. More than 19 states and several counties in 15 other states limit the phosphorous  … Read more

Why is Ledizolv a better product compared to the ones I see at big box stores?

Ledizolv was the first scientifically formulated lead-specific detergent designed to remove lead contaminated dust.  Ledizolv was introduced in 1993 in response to increased demand for lead dust removal products. Ledizolv  … Read more

How often should I be cleaning with Ledizolv?

For in place management of lead contaminated dust, clean lead contaminated surfaces every few weeks. For lead remediation work, use Ledizolv to clean up dust at end of day, remove  … Read more

How much Ledizolv do I need? How much do I dilute it?

A 16 oz bottle will clean the floors and walls of a small apartment.  A gallon bottle will clean the floors and walls of a small house.  A 5 gallon  … Read more


How worried should we be about lead paint?

The evidence of lead-based paint in your home can be concerning. People are expressing these concerns and looking for answers on online forums. (See Reddit article How worried should we  … Read more

Get the Lead Out

How Ledizolv® Is Effectively Removing LCD From Homes

The battle against lead contamination is one we must all engage in, particularly for those residing in older homes. The weapon of choice in this fight is often Ledizolv®, a  … Read more

The Science Unveiled: How Ledizolv Works to Remove Lead Contaminants

Introduction: The Need for Effective Lead Cleaning Solutions With lead contamination posing significant health risks, particularly to children, the need for an effective lead cleaner is paramount. Enter Ledizolv®, a  … Read more

Can I just paint over lead paint?

Lead-based paint cannot be contained by normal paint you would get at the store, there is a specific type of paint designed for encapsulating lead. We recommend speaking with a  … Read more

Can Ledizolv help with lead contaminated soil?

Lead-contaminated soil abounds in playgrounds, parks and backyards. Lead-contaminated soil poses a threat when children play in it and put their hands or other objects covered with this soil into  … Read more

What is different between normal dust and lead contaminated dust?

Regular indoor dust tends to contain a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic.  Lead-contaminated dust  … Read more

Lead Paint News

Analyzing EPA’s New Lead Paint Standards on Long Island

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed stricter limits on dust from lead paint in older homes and child care facilities could have significant implications for Long Island. The new standards,  … Read more

NYCHA’s Controversial Stance on Lead Paint Violations

A CBS New York Investigation In a recent investigation by CBS New York, it was revealed that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) contests lead paint violations far more  … Read more

NYC Takes a Stand Against Lead-Based Paint

A Legislative Move Towards Safer Homes In a decisive move to tackle the city’s lead-based paint crisis, the City Council’s Committee of Housing and Buildings has voted 8-1 in favor  … Read more

Safety Concerns

Unmasking the Invisible Enemy: Understanding the Difference between Normal Dust and Lead Contaminated Dust

Dust in your home is typically viewed as a minor nuisance that signals it’s time to break out the vacuum or dust cloth. However, not all dust is created equal.  … Read more

The Hidden Dangers of Breathing in Lead Paint Dust

Lead paint poses a significant health risk to people residing in older structures built before 1978. When this paint deteriorates, it produces lead-laden dust, which can be easily inhaled, causing  … Read more

Can you get lead poisoning from sanding old paint?

Attempting to sand lead paint off a surface will release lead contaminated dust into the air. If you are not properly protected, you can end up breathing in this lead  … Read more

What happens if you breathe in lead paint dust?

Breathing in lead dust is a possible source of lead poisoning. Repeated lead exposure can hinder brain development in children and damage the kidneys and nervous system.

What household items might present a lead hazard?

Some household items that contain lead-contaminated dust hazards include imported vinyl mini-blinds and imported or antique toys or furniture. Many vinyl mini blinds manufactured in Mexico and Asia contain lead.  … Read more

Where am I likely to encounter lead outside of the home?

The most common source of lead poisoning in adults is lead-contaminated dust found in work environments. Some lead related jobs and work environments include: Battery manufacturing Automotive parts manufacturing Automotive  … Read more