LSZ Inc.’s Commitment to Safe and Sustainable Lead Paint Dust Removal


At LSZ, our mission is to provide effective lead paint dust removal solutions that prioritize safety and sustainability. We understand the serious health risks associated with lead paint dust exposure and are dedicated to helping create healthier environments for families, employees, and communities. In this article, we’ll highlight our commitment to eco-friendly and safe lead paint dust removal practices and discuss our educational resources. 

Eco-Friendly Lead Paint Dust Removal: 

LSZ is committed to developing and offering lead paint dust removal products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Our flagship product, Ledizolv® Lead Specific Cleaner, exemplifies this commitment: 

1. Biodegradable Formula 

   – Ledizolv detergent is formulated with biodegradable ingredients that break down safely in the environment. 

   – Our product does not contain harsh chemicals, such as phosphates or ammonia, minimizing its ecological impact. 

2. Reduced Water Usage 

   – Ledizolv detergent is highly concentrated, requiring less water for effective lead paint dust removal compared to traditional cleaning methods. 

   – By reducing water usage, we help conserve this precious resource and minimize wastewater generation. 

3. Recyclable Packaging 

   – We package Ledizolv detergent in recyclable containers, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. 

   – By choosing recyclable packaging, we aim to minimize our product’s environmental footprint and encourage responsible disposal practices. 

Safe Lead Paint Dust Removal: 

LSZ prioritizes safety in all aspects of lead paint dust removal. Our products and practices are designed to protect the health and well-being of those using our detergent and those inhabiting the cleaned environments: 

1. Non-Toxic Formula 

   – Ledizolv detergent is free from toxic chemicals, making it safer for use around children, pets, and vulnerable individuals. 

   – Our non-toxic formula reduces the risk of adverse health effects associated with exposure to harsh cleaning agents. 

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recommendations 

   – We provide clear guidance on the appropriate PPE to wear when using Ledizolv, such as gloves and goggles. 

   – By promoting the use of PPE, we help ensure the safety of individuals conducting lead paint dust removal. 

3. Effectiveness and Compliance 

   – Ledizolv detergent is effective in removing lead paint dust from various surfaces. 

   – Our product complies with relevant safety standards and regulations, providing users with peace of mind. 

Public Education: 

At LSZ, we believe in the power of education and community outreach to raise awareness about lead paint dust hazards and promote safe removal practices: 

1. Educational Resources 

   – We develop and distribute educational materials, such as brochures, infographics, and videos, to inform the public about lead paint dust risks and proper removal techniques. 

   – Our website features a comprehensive knowledge base, including articles and FAQs, to help individuals understand and address lead paint dust issues. 


At LSZ, our commitment to safe and sustainable lead paint dust removal goes beyond providing effective products. We strive to develop eco-friendly solutions, prioritize user safety, and serve as a resource for educating the public on the prevention of lead paint dust health repercussions. By promoting awareness and supporting lead poisoning prevention initiatives, we aim to create healthier, lead-safe environments for all. When you choose Ledizolv® Lead Specific Cleaner, you can trust that you are partnering with a company dedicated to making a positive difference in the fight against lead paint dust hazards.