Why is Lead Dangerous

Lead poisoning is a condition caused by a build-up of lead in the body over time. In children, lead poisoning damages the nervous system and can cause developmental and behavioral problems. In adults, lead poisoning can cause health problems such as headaches, abdominal pain, memory loss, and kidney failure.

Lead Paint

One of the most common sources of lead poisoning is from lead paint. According to the EPA, many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint. The older the home or building, the more likely it is that lead-based paint was used. Nine out of ten homes built before 1940 will have used lead-based paint in the interior and exterior.

Lead Dust

Lead-based paint may be found on any surface inside or outside the home. When lead-based paint is disturbed, dangerous lead dust can be released and then can be absorbed by the body. Removing and containing this lead dust is key to reducing lead exposure and lowering the risk of lead poisoning.

The Remedy For Your Home

If your home contains lead-based paint, you can remedy and/or reduce the risk of lead-contaminated dust hazards by: (1) removing the lead-based paint from the home; (2) covering the lead-based paint by encapsulation or enclosure; or (3) controlling the dust by repairing damaged painted surfaces, performing regular maintenance, and cleaning weekly with a lead-specific detergent. It is recommended to speak with a lead abatement specialist to determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

Why Ledizolv

Ledizolv was the first scientifically formulated lead-specific detergent designed to remove lead contaminated dust. Ledizolv was introduced in 1993 in response to increased demand for lead dust removal products.

Removing Dust

Ledizolv is ideal for lead dust removal because it is a lead-specific cleaner that is formulated for the specific job of removing lead dust. Ledizolv contains a synergistic blend of chelating agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers and dispersants that are optimized to remove lead contaminated dust. Ledizolv is also a mild pH cleaner that is significantly safer to use than other phosphate-based cleaners found in many big box stores and it is biodegradable. Ledizolv contains rinse aids that make for more efficient rinsing with less residues left behind.

The Science

The chelating agents in Ledizolv are specifically optimized to bind with lead oxides and form soluble lead complexes that can be effectively cleaned away. Dispersants in Ledizolv are designed to help remove insoluble lead chromates and other insoluble forms of lead. The emulsifiers in Ledizolv are designed to remove any greasy, grimy, or oily residues that would shield the lead dust from being cleaned by the dispersants or chelating agents. The blend of these three types of cleaning agents result in a combination that is optimized to remove lead dust from hard surfaces.