Why is Ledizolv a better product compared to the ones I see at big box stores?

Ledizolv was the first scientifically formulated lead-specific detergent designed to remove lead contaminated dust.  Ledizolv was introduced in 1993 in response to increased demand for lead dust removal products.

Ledizolv contains a synergistic blend of chelating agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers and dispersants that are optimized to remove lead contaminated dust.  Ledizolv is also a mild pH cleaner that is significantly safer to use than other phosphate-based cleaners found in many big box stores and is biodegradable.  Most any other detergent will not chelate properly, be as safe, or rinse as cleanly.

Almost all detergents are not nearly as effective as Ledizolv due to not having the same mixture of ingredients that remove lead effectively.

Ledizolv is Safer Than Other Detergents:

  • For Human Handling and Contact: Ledizolv’s mild pH gives it excellent handling and safety characteristics.
  • For Surfaces: Ledizolv is free rinsing with no risk of leaving phosphate film.
  • For the Environment: Ledizolv is biodegradable and unused concentrates or diluted solutions may be poured down the drain.  Used Ledizolv solutions that are potentially contaminated with lead must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.